Wireless Site Survey & Site Readiness Reporting

Wireless Site Survey, Reporting & Deployment

Mobility within networks has achieved considerable significance in networks these days. It has become essential for businesses, especially the larger business to enhance mobility in their networks as a key element .At times it is even a more suitable option to the legacy wired network. Therefore, the need of employing more and more wireless networks is in high demand. For a flawless and competent wireless network deployment the very first and vital part is to have a coherent understanding of the wireless site and that can only be attained by doing a rigorous and apt wireless site survey. The accurateness of the survey and reporting makes sure the effectiveness of the deployed network. Therefore, whenever it comes to executing a wireless network in the organization properly, the importance that a wireless site survey has cannot be under estimated. However, in most of the cases wireless networks do not work as wished-for and under-perform, so it won?t be an exaggeration to say that carrying out a professional survey can save not only money but time also.

Our wireless site surveys are specially designed to present you with a comprehensive report highlighting all the vital aspects of consideration while planning a wireless deployment for your enterprise. We make use of the advanced industry devices and techniques to map out the RF coverage of the potential area and therefore provide you with complete documentation on all the aspects of the planned survey. It is only after a professional wireless survey that you will be equipped to devise a fully secure and scalable wireless network for your enterprise.

Our site survey report includes an in-depth report of a full failure of the hardware that usually is required to execute your wireless network inside the organization. Apart from that, other vital aspects such as the, line of sight availability, frequency congestion ,signal strengths, RF interference, access point locations, noise levels and height of equipment escalating etc. are presented in detailed manner.

This can be of great advantage for network managers that need to assign a budget in the future. We can survey efficiently with any wireless manufacture’s hardware which is critical for the network design

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