Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration testing

Businesses are frequently needed to make sure that their IT infrastructure is effectively safe and protected and information is secured. Although, this often is taken as a daunting task for most of the enterprises bearing in mind the costs involved. However, doing nothing is not a doable option, either, susceptibilities left ignored in IT environments can possibly lead to huge revenue loss from business interruptions; theft inventory, compromised data, intellectual capital and other various resources; and battered competitive advantage and market leadership.

Our Susceptibility assessment services are intended to address this specific need of client. Our susceptibility assessment is intended to provide your escalating business with an affordable, reliable starting point for lessening IT security perils and securing private information. Our professionals make use of a versatile, time & milestones-based approach composed of inventive methodologies and tools to help recognize susceptibilities in selected network, computing components and in standard IT processes – and provide documented references for how to handle them practically. This approach helps our clients manage risks with expected and controlled investments.

Our proven Assessment Services are mainly based on ISO 27001. We perform a security check of IT infrastructure of your organization and evaluate its promptness against ISO 27001 standards. This service provides you a real-time analysis of your organization?s on the whole security position by verifying the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the organization?s IT infrastructure. A comprehensive analysis report with valuable recommendations from the evaluation aim to lessen risks by providing inputs to fill the safety gaps in the IT Infrastructure is then presented for you to take well-versed decisions.

Our Susceptibility Assessment service provides you with a profound understanding of the underlying ambiguities and gaps within your existing IT infrastructure, practices and policies that might lead to business disruption due to compromised safety position and organizational asset susceptibility. It also allows you to take a good decision to fortify the overall security position for IT assets and resources of your organization.

Penetration Testing

After having a thorough understanding of the entire security position of the organization and the gaps in it, it becomes quintessential to close those gaps, although it might not be sensible or realistic to plug all the gaps due to the efforts and costs involved. Our penetration testing services are specially designed to understand the level of threat sensitivity linked with individual IT asset. Our security consultants make use of real-world exploitation scenarios to reveal how assailants can get access to sensitive data or systems and the impact of such violations on your business. This activity provides you a very strong understanding of the flaws in your IT infrastructure?s security posture and the risk caused by those breaches in your business. Based on this very understanding you are truly in a position to take a clued-up decision about the way to go filling up or closing those gaps in the security posture of your company. You might opt to neglect the gaps or loopholes which may not have any risk proposition to your business. This way you are essentially in a position to manage your risks well within limited funds.


During penetration testing, our security consultants carry out real-life demonstrations of hidden and aggressive activities typical of attackers’ efforts to compromise security controls and perimeter devices. This penetration test measures network real-world risks and flaws through demonstrations of hostile and covert activities typical of real attacks in a controlled and safe exercise.

Resolution Details:

  • Test manifold external IP addresses with the basic service. Additional IP addresses may be tested as an upgrade.
  • Recognize susceptibilities in your networking infrastructure.
  • Authenticate the efficiency of your security safeguards.
  • Measure the risk to your secret information an internal systems.
  • Help recognize and handle safety issues before they are exploited.
  • Help to maintain and attain regulatory conformity.

At the conclusion of the penetration test, you will get a comprehensive report of the findings and specific recommendations for next steps to be taken. It prioritizes areas of flaws and states remedial steps to enhance the security of your network. This report can also help you competently prioritize IT security spending ideas.

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