Transforming fresh talent to Industry ready Workforce Catalyst in Academia to Industry Partnership

The Goal

Companies often complain about lack of employable talent pool, fresh recruits from colleges not being ?industry ready?? Our Academy Program precisely does that?i.e. bridges this gap!

Launched with an objective to neutralize the deficit of skilled manpower in IT domain, Academy Program is a unique academia-industry initiative to bring Industry & Academics closer to each other. Our goal is to create as much of employable talent pool as possible for the industry to select and hire from. We plan to achieve this by our two pronged approach: One, by building a sustainable partnership with educational institutions across the country for mutual benefit; producing ?industry ready? recruits. And secondly by directly imparting training to fresh graduates at our in-house training centers as well as partner network training centers.

Our objective in launching the Academy program is to enhance the quality and quantity of the IT talent-pool; sustain the growth of the IT industry itself. The primary objective of this program being to increase the employable recruits by collaborating resources with the educational institutions and partner organizations. We want to have a consistent output, irrespective of all variables involved. It doesn?t matter where the college is located (big city or remote town), the kind of faculty, or students. However the conditions may be, with the help of our partners, we want to achieve a high-quality, constant product.

As per certain studies conducted by leading research firms, Asia, especially the Indian subcontinent will have the maximum number of working professionals in the world! With such huge possibilities all that is required is a planned and collaborated approach of all concerned and that is where Arcelia intends to act as a catalyst in the entire process. Clearly we have a plethora of opportunities staring us in the face. The future looks bright and promising?all we need to do is work towards it.

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