Remote Server Management Services

Servers are considered the most critical components of the IT infrastructure essentially as they house the most vital information. The Server management service that we provide offers an extra layer of support for that extra protection that you may seek for in your enterprise. We remain dedicated to keep your servers updated with critical safety patches, optimize your server to ensure best performance possible, and provide required support for server the entire server issues when they occur .This practice makes sure desired accessibility of the computing infrastructure.

Our Remote Server Management Service proffers consistent, secure and ITIL- compliant support and management services for any type of UNIX, Microsoft, Solaris and Linux server infrastructure in enterprise datacenters. By playing a crucial role in reducing server operational costs, escalating server availability, improving data protection & enhancing flexibility, we assist businesses hold a competitive edge.

  • Remote monitoring of servers on a 24×7 basis for fault, security alerts and performance. Proactively escalate issues to our designated experts and other designated users.
  • 24×7 resolution support for any server issues by real-time access to our server administrators. Remote access resolution of any type of server problem that occurs.
  • OS patch management & Periodic and real-time inspection for susceptibilities on servers. Identify probable safety vulnerabilities and solve them
  • Remote resolution of server issues on a 24×7 basis for fault, performance, and safety issues
  • Proactively backup the important data stored in your servers, and provide instant retrieval. In case of vital data loss or failure of storage.
  • Tracking and reporting all the activities of users on vital servers. Identify doubtful activities and take required corrective actions.

In addition, our other Server Management Services include:

  • Server Deployment
  • Server Migration

Server Virtualization

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