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Remote Enterprise IT Security Monitoring & Response Services

Information is one of the most vital assets for any business or enterprise. Protecting critical information from diverse cyber & internal threats actually requires regular attention over your safety infrastructure and critical information resources. Apart from that, many industry policies and agreement requirements require businesses or enterprises to continually check their safety environment, server logs and other vital information resources to ensure the reliability and accessibility of these systems all the time without any interruptions. However, performing efficient safety check can be a daunting task as it requires trained manpower resources, superior technology, and scalable procedures.

Our Safety Check Service aims at providing your enterprise with instantaneous, 24×7 monitoring and response across your safety infrastructure and vital information resources. Our services provide you:

  • committed squad of safety specialists
  • An improved safety posture
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Holistic view of your enterprise’s safety activities

Our Remote IT Safety Check Services help you safeguard vital information assets, manage risks and control costs. These services are specially designed to address the entire lifecycle of the information security right from consumption to management and constant audits. Our safety management services ensure that your network & information assets will remain available 24×7 resulting in lowered security operations costs, enhanced performance and excellent service levels.

Service Offerings include:

  • Firewall Log check
  • Managed VPN/IPS/IDS Services
  • Firewall Policies Management
  • Proactive monitoring & Alert Services
  • Periodic Safety Posture and estimation Services
  • Enterprise Virus Protection
  • Network & Security Devices configuration Support
  • Safety Patch Management for systems & device OS
  • Identity & Access Management
  • HIDS or End-point Safety Management
  • Web Security Management
  • E-mail Security & Spam management
  • Advisory Services


  • Our Safety Check & Response Services deliver real-time screening and analysis across practically any safety technology or vital information resources such as network intrusion prevention and detection systems, firewalls, network admission control & authentication systems and servers. Therefore you can manage your perils expansively and control costs by availing our valuable services.
  • Our Safety Check Service is designed to make you improve the effectiveness of your security infrastructure by vigorously analyzing the logs and alerts from these devices in real-time, 24×7 and proactively reduce any threat discernment
  • Our avant-garde technology platform correlates vital information from across safety devices to provide our remote safety check analysts with the context they require to virtually eradicate false positives and respond to true threats against your enterprise.
  • Our Safety Check Service also helps you attain compliance with industry rules by automating the collection and reporting of particular safety events quintessential for compliance.
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