Remote Datacenter Support Services

Our remote datacenter support and maintenance services are intended to assist businesses attain desired accessibility of their IT infrastructure, deal with risk involved and manage costs by decreasing total cost of ownership, rapid consumption , standardizing support procedures and letting the business concentrate on its central competencies. These services address the requirements of organizations for efficient testing and management of their IT infrastructure including operating systems servers, networks, storage, database, application, etc. On the whole, we optimize your Datacenter-IT infrastructure, retain IT service continuity, lessen your safety perils and address staffing issues thus helping you to efficiently manage your Infrastructure costs.

Remote Server Management

  • Resolution management: Remote resolution of various server problems on a 24×7 basis for potential fault, performance, and safety and other downtime issues and problems.
  • Alert screening: Remote monitoring of servers on a 24×7 basis for fault, performance, and safety alerts. Proactive escalate issues to designated user(s) OR resolve it as the need may be.
  • Support and Record-Keeping: Proactive & planned support of the very important data stored in your servers, storage devices etc. and make sure nominal return point objective & return time objectives by making certain speedier restoration.
  • User monitoring: Track and report all user activities on important servers. Recognize doubtful activities and take counteractive actions.
  • Susceptibility management: Scheduled random and real-time scanning for Susceptibilities on servers. Recognize probable security vulnerabilities and fix them as soon as possible.

Network Management

  • Alert monitoring: Remote monitoring of networks on a 24×7 basis for fault, performance, and security alerts. Escalate issues to suitable groups proactively
  • Remote resolution service: Immediately resolve any network issues with real-time access to our network administrators. Remote resolution for any type of network problem.
  • Monitoring of users: Track and report all the activities of users on network infrastructure. Recognize doubtful activities and take counteractive action
  • Patch and configuration management: Proactive and on-time installation patches that are vital and manage configurations of all your network devices on-time which helps preventing downtime and interruptions
  • Susceptibility management: Periodic and real-time inspection for susceptibilities on network devices. Recognize latent safety vulnerabilities and solve them.

Storage Management

  • Remote monitoring & management: Proactive monitoring of storage service levels and recognize serious conditions before occurring any kind degradation in performance
  • Storage optimization: scrutinize existing storage execution widen and employ optimization techniques to make sure the best price-to-performance ratio
  • Support and Record-Keeping: Formulate supportive plans and execute backup solutions to backup/archive mission-critical
  • Restoration: Restoration of enterprise data for conformity and crisis-recovery scenarios with least return time & return point objectives.



  • The established methodologies and best practices will increase your trust on IT infrastructure for enhanced business performance and boost up your ROI.
  • A full portfolio of scalable resources available on the fly.
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