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Recently, a global media study called The World Unplugged asked students aged 17-23 to abstain from any form of media for a whole 24 hours. The study, run by the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda (University of Maryland), compiled surveys from young adults in ten countries around the world, including Lebanon, China, Uganda, Argentina and the U.S. A clear majority were unable to fully complete the 24 hour ban. Whether this was due to a lack of fortitude, or the students ?had? to use media for work, most countries in the study failed to abstain completely.

Hence it goes onto prove how inseparable Electronic Media has become to our lives especially to the younger generation. IT being the backbone has a crucial role to play and so do we i.e. you and us together.

We have a world of opportunities ? geographical and professional ? for you.

Do you want to achieve a high level of expertise in one area, or become knowledgeable across a broader range of business areas? No matter which career path you choose, you will always find opportunities to grow.

There are plenty of chances for skill and career development, but the starting point and prerequisite for moving on is to get started with our specially tailored training programs.

We work together to define your individual development plan that will support both your ambitions and our business needs. Our competence development programs will help you develop your business, technical and interpersonal skills. We offer specialized training programs & learning support in key technology areas such as networking, product development, System administration, IP Communications and Information Security.

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