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Optimization Model


Business these days, are highly volatile and, in some cases, transformational. Three consistent requirement, regardless of industry type are to

1. Save money
2. Increase productivity
3. Grow our business

Right now, of these three, Most businesses are predominantly focused on saving money. However the core is the question: ?How to optimize IT budget and help sustain Growth??

We focus on helping you achieve all three of these goals, but in particular how we can help you save money
IT for most businesses is a cost center, some are efficient cost centers, some are business centers, and some are strategic assets. Through our understanding of technology and orientation towards growth we adopt best practices approach that optimize IT processes to help reduce cost and/or improve service levels and agility:

Basic ? IT is a cost center with uncoordinated and manual processes. IT operations are inefficient and costly, and service levels and agility are low to average.

Standardized ? IT is essentially a more efficient cost center, with lower IT costs than Basic organizations but with similar service levels and agility. Organizations at this level typically use some of the easier-to-implement best practices.

Rationalized ? IT has become a business enabler. IT labor costs are significantly lower, and service levels and agility are improved compared with Basic and Standardized organizations. At this level, organizations use many IT best practices and automate and standardize wherever possible.

Dynamic ? IT has become a strategic asset for the business and is focused on enabling the business with optimal service levels and agility rather than cost reductions. Organizations at this level may accept best practices that increase costs to optimize service levels and agility.

The end goal is to move right in the models, and turn the IT department into a cost-efficient yet strategic, agile asset in the company.

First we identify where your organization sits within the Optimization levels and businesses strategic areas of focus. It?s a simple process that can be completed with a minimal time and resource commitment without any cost.

Our Optimization models focus on core infrastructure, business productivity infrastructure, application platform and business objectives, each with specific capabilities. The models provide insight into how strategic an IT department is within an organization and identify a pragmatic approach to investing in IT capabilities.

Our models are based around industry best practices. We have a strong partner ecosystem that extends our ability to harvest the best ideas, the best implementations, and the best adoptions to really understand what an optimized IT organization looks like.

The process of analyzing business?s level of Optimization enables us to share these observations with them, and partner them to determine both the current level of optimization is and the desired level as well, and then together build a plan on how to get there.

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