Managed Data-Backup Services

Our Managed Data Backup Services also referred as Data Management Services or Information Lifecycle management services is designed to ensure availability and integrity of data when needed at predictable and controlled costs. In today?s dynamic business scenario where data is critical and growing at a fast pace, a very common challenge experienced by most organizations is the spiraling and unpredictable cost of storage infrastructure and moreover the operational overheads to maintain and sustain it. In such situation our expertise in Information lifecycle management comes handy for our customers to manage the entire data or information handling in a much more structured, planned and efficient manner with predictable costs.

Our Data management services are designed to help small and medium organizations overcome challenges of managing high volume of data while reducing storage cost OR overcome disaster situations or unplanned outages and recover immediately. More importantly proactively monitor systems to avoid data loss.

With proactive data-management services that work together to help reduce the time you spend managing your backups, we provide enterprise class services optimized to support your business no matter how simple or complex your data or your IT infrastructure is. Our Backup Services are designed to help you quickly prepare for, respond to and recover from the disasters and disruptions that would otherwise threaten the integrity and reliability of your business operations.

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