Managed and Monitored Firewall Service


A part of our Managed security services suite, our Managed and Monitored Firewall Service can also be picked in isolation to attain firewall functionality with controlled expenditures. This service provides a real-time management of your firewall (security systems) on a 24×7 basis, delivering tailored fortification for less than the cost of many conventional solutions.


  • Multi-vendor multi-platform support that helps and manages your present security assets and reduces your total cost of business
  • Proactive security from identified and up-and-coming security threats
  • intended to lower risk and enhance regulatory conformity through concurrent views of your improved security stance
  • Speedier resolution of safety issues curtails or reduces risk of revenue loss incurred due to compromise on security stance
  • assured service levels intended to ensure business continuity
  • Customizable and all-inclusive reports.
  • Condensed lower total cost of ownership (TCO), due to reduced staffing needs and reduced maintenance, training costs and infrastructure.
  • Customizable service alternatives to fit your ultimate business requirements
  • Feasible reduced connectivity expenditure by controlling the firewall platform’s supported Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities

This service proffers a vendor-neutral approach to make the best use of your available security assets and investments while delivering round-the-clock vigilance, management and analysis of firewall logs. We are dedicated to assisting companies of all sizes improving regulatory compliance and managing risk.


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