ISMS Implementation

The need for constantly enhanced security management systems has become an order of the day. Since today threats have grown speedily with the rapid increase of information being placed in electronic format, it has become imperative to handle the threats of ever increasing complicated menace can only be addressed through a continually improvised and well-managed security management system. In this regard, our years of expertise in delivering goods add a huge value in the pursuit of executing a safe and robust Information Security Management System.

ISMS ? ?Information Security Management System? ? is a well- established term and recognized globally for the design and execution of information security controls within an organization. We aim at helping enterprises execute and follow ISMS for protecting information. We believe in to follow the three stage approach towards ISMS execution namely design, execution, and optimization.

Our execution practice is ruled by the following subsets and sub-processes:

  • Set business goals
  • Recognize information assets and resources (such as hardware, software, electronic documents, paper, people etc.)
  • Saving organizational commitment
  • Develop an asset-based risk evaluation and risk treatment plan
  • Consider compliance needs (statutory/legal/regulatory) and contract-based agreements:
  • Involve third-parties/partners:
  • Constant review and data collection and appropriate actions based on data or feedbacks.

Executing ISMS is a tougher challenge as it requires enterprises to move from theory to practice, and (perhaps essentially) bridge the gap between control and flexibility. It is well-established fact that best practices are not always easiest practices, and businesses often have to face considerable challenges ? for instance, when trying to execute safety and security controls on legacy systems and un-supported platforms in the organization.

The question that arises is how to balance well accomplish business goals with maintaining business continual performance. Businesses also need to develop a security exception procedure that can assess the outstanding risk of not executing a security control inside the organization, but that also suggest optional security controls to lessen this risk to a bearable level. And this can only be done if the risk stratagem has been evaluated properly in the design phase. That is where we play a significant role in providing a well thought-out plan for evaluation of the risk stratagem.

The solemn biggest reason of failed ISMS execution is that it is perceived as an IT project; The fact is, it is a not an IT project, it is actually a management project and requires active participation from the main people of the executing organization and must be motivated by the top management; else regardless of our best effort it is vital for the executing organization to be profoundly involved in the entire procedure.

The key to successful ISMS execution also lies in governance and optimization post execution. Post execution we also help in the controlling of the ISMS on an on-going basis by performing periodic audits and evaluating results.

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