IP Telephony

Cohesive communications-IP Telephony has become now quintessential for enterprises that want to build competitive advantage. IP telephony employs the existing network as a platform for communication and collaboration ensuring that everyone is included – as long as they have a network connection. Our valuable solutions with numerous -applications portfolio are intended to help your business collaborate across any workspace, innovate across the value chain, accelerate decision making and integrate with other industry-leading applications effectively. Upgrading to cohesive communications platform make sure that your enterprise continue to increase productivity, secure competitive edge and access to various latest value-added applications, facilitate business improvement and lessen IT complexity.


Key advantages of our IP Telephony Solution Deployments are:


? Fast decision-making and collaboration

? Saves money and valuable time on travel while still communicating efficiently

? Enhances your efficacy while either mobile or remote

? Lessened costly communication delays

? Video, voice, and web conferencing: The spontaneous conferencing abilities are enriched by the avant-garde innovations to allow deep integration of Third Party conferencing solutions. This integration makes easier virtual “in-person” meetings that:

? Enhance productivity and speed up problem resolution: With a single access point for all voice and web collaboration

? Boosts up sales, support, meeting, and training efficiency with single sign-on across solutions

? Lessen travel expenditures: By eliminating trips with on-premises and on-demand conferencing

? Voicemail and cohesive messaging: The simplified productivity-improving features and message management provide remarkable productivity improvements. New productivity-improving features comprise:

? Automatic identification of optional extensions and devices, which make access to your voice mailbox more efficient

? Speech-activated transfer settings, enabling you to easily have calls routed to any device while on the move

? Short Message Service (SMS) notifications for new email, voice, and fax messages

? Click to call directly from the desktop applications and your web browser without punching in phone numbers

? View, listen, and answer to voice messages from the local desk IP Phone ? even without having to dial into the corporate voicemail box

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