Gap Analysis & Solution Blueprint Design Consulting

We offer a highly specialized GAP Analysis consulting ? aligned with our startegic approach to improve operational excellence and improve customer satisfaction. This practice is targeted towards developing strong and efficient IT processes and procedures that can help companies maximize their operational efficiencies and thus have an overall positive impact on business. We can lead the development of the technology framework within your organisation and accordingly, key support technology decisions. Further by conducting a detailed technology gap analysis, Arcelia will also ascertain those usable technology tools currently in place plus identifying those missing and required to fully support your operations management processes.

We can direct the definition of requirements, and the subsequent selection, related to the specific enterprise technologies needed to enable your processes. The requirement will typically vary depending on the maturity of these processes. The need for, and the sophistication of these tools, will depend on the need of the business for IT services, and the size of your organisation. Our services also include the architecture design, project planning, testing, deployment and knowledge transfer of these applications into your environment.

Numerous benefits result from Arcelia Systems Integration Services:

Improved Operational Excellence

  • Lower cost as the project is done correctly and on time
  • Increased effectiveness, as organizations are better able to focus on their primary priorities levering the benefits of IT systems.
  • Complete documentation makes it easier to train and administer the system after the project
  • More reliable support

Increased customer satisfaction

  • Clearer understanding of the services requirement
  • Complete project success guaranteed!
  • Improved customer satisfaction, as you now possess the ability to better serve their needs.

Advantage Arcelia
  • Domain Expertise
  • Nimble Footedness
  • Certified Engineers
  • Technical Competence
  • Proactive Management
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Rich Industry Experience
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