Change Management

As companies grow the need to create new systems and redefinition of processes arises for efficient management. However this very aspect of adapting to the new systems and processes appears to be one of the biggest constraints of its complexities and resistance by its people to change to the newer systems. Poor adaption of systems often lead to negative results in in extreme closes can even led to closure of business due to chaotic and poor decision making. Even the most proven and best in business systems are prone to failure due to this challenge

Inability to handle change and adoption of the new systems if the single most factor of failure. Successes of new systems are directly proportionate to the way change is handled. Hence change management is the most critical part of any restructuring on new systems deployment in any business.

Our consulting services are designed to handle change management effectively and prepare organizations to deal with challenges in a structured manner overcome all hurdles easily and realize the full potential of the newer systems. The entire process is delivered in the following phases and sub phases:

  • Preparing for Change
    • Preparation
    • Readiness assessments
    • Strategy development
  • Managing Change
    • Communication Planning
    • Conference Room Pilot-Steering Committee
    • HOD & Managers Training
    • Employee Training Development
  • Reinforcing Change
    • Define and Sponsor activities and roadmaps
    • Align & Direct Strategy – Resistance Handling
    • Monitoring, Data collection, feedback analysis.
    • Optimization

Our consulting services are designed to address the key challenges and provide a guided approach to deal with challenges. However for success it is critical that the effort is sustained and management driven instead of a process in isolation.

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